Button Wars 2nd Ed.: Spaceship Samples
Button Wars is a table top science fiction fleet combat game. The game system allows for modest to large size fleets to engage in combat through a quick and easy combat system. Though small engagements of just one or two ships against each other is less ideal. Button Wars combines larger "Capital Ships" together with smaller "Fighter & Mecha" game tokens. Below is sample artwork from some of the Capital Ships. These game pieces come has ready to play full color metal disks with a 2 1/4" diameter. These are very durable and can survive dents, dings, dropping them and sometimes even running over them with a car. They are even mostly water proof, though actually submerging them for a length of time will eventually result in the artwork becoming water damaged.

All of the ship attributes are listed on each button for quick game play, including which faction they belong to. Only ship special abilities need be referenced in the game rules, though each special ability is numbered and that number is listed on each ship with a special ability.



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