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The Empires & Overlords Universe is a futuristic setting on which the Button Wars game is based. The map below provides you an overview of the various factions. Click on a map region to read the overview for that faction, or see the Faction Menu further below and make sure to see event hose factions not represented as galactic empires on the map itself. You can also check out the Empires & Overlords Timeline to get a basic look of the game setting from past to present.


Button Wars Available Products
Button Wars 2 Player Starter
Button Pack Set #1
-Also sold separately. See below-
--Elvesferran Federation Pack #1
--Elvesferran Federation Pack #2
--Thrash Empire Pack #1
--Thrash Empire Pack #2
--Earth Alliance Pack #1
--Earth Alliance Pack #2
--Folklonian Empire Pack #1
--Folklonian Empire Pack #2
--Quo-Ti Button Pack #1
--Quo-Ti Button Pack #2
--Quo-Ti Button Pack #2
Empires & Overlords Time Line

Get a look at the history of the Empire & Overlords Universe. See the beginning of many of the current factions, and the near demise of the ancient ones.

Empires & Overlords Factions
-Elvesferran Federation
-Duarian Confederacy
-Thrash Empire
-Teslam Empire
-Dark Empire
-Adarkan Empire
-Lykinee Protectorate
-Earth Alliance
-Folklonian Empire
-Empire of Froth
-Qui-Ti Sectors
-Tygernian Space
-Ucharian Republic
-The Cystar
-Space Knight Empire
-Dark Knight Empire
-Kreon Empire
-Gra Nari Emporium
-Free Port
-Voor Empire
-Calato Emporium
-Dak Empire
-Zolon Republic

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