Rise of the Red Army
A Russian Revolution Axis & Allies* Variant -- War to End All Wars Expansion & Stand Alone Game

Rise of the Red Army
Russian Revolution A&A variant 
$34.95 -- US 

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The Rise of the Red Army is a strategy board game covering the Russian Revolution following the end of the World War I. It is an easy to learn Axis & Allies variant style game, yet represents the conflict in Russia with historical accuracy. For 2-6 players, the Rise of the Red Army primarily represents the Bolshevik (Reds) conflict with the Crimean and Siberian (White) Russian opposition forces. In the middle of this conflict you have a number of "wild cards". Such as the Ukrainian Anarachist movement which fought against both the "Reds" and the "Whites". Such as the nations of Finland, Poland, and the Baltic states first fighting for self liberation, then territorial acquisitions against the various Russian factions. Toss in a Japanese occupation of the far east and western support of the Crimean, Siberian, and Northern White Factions, and you have multi dimensional conflict unlike any other in history.

This is the 4th product in the Guild's WW1 game series. It is a stand alone game that also includes rules to play it combined with the other World War I series games. --Shipping in mid to late January, you can place your pre order now! --

European Map Section 22" x 27"
Click on the Map for more detailed view.
Pacific Map Section 22" x 10.5"
Click on map for larger view.
The Rise of the Red Army Box Set Includes:

1) 22" x 27" full color European Map Seection.
2) 22" x 10.5" Full Color Asian Map Section.
3) 40 Page Game Rule Booklet.
4) 1D10.
5) One 30 Page War to End All Wars Score Pad.
6) One 30 Page Rise of the Red Army Score Pad.
7) 175 Plastic Cardstock Unit Stands
8) Card Stock Units for:
 -- Bolshevik (Red) Russians
 -- Crimean (White) Russians
 -- Siberian (White) Russians
 -- Finland & Baltic States
 -- Poland
 -- Ukrainian Anarchist
 -- Japan
 -- Neutrals
Plus Misc. counters for Industrial complexes, Ports, Trenches, Resource Chits, Generals, and More.

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