The Trojan War
Mythical Axis & Allies* Variant -- an Empires of History Game

The Trojan War Box Set

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The Trojan War board game is a recreation of that epic struggle between the mighty trade city of Troy and the alliance of Greek city states.

In this unusual game the mighty Greek army must establish itself near the city of Troy and lay siege. Storming the mighty walls of Troy being a virtual impossibility, the siege of Troy shifts the a war over food. Can the Greeks starve out the Trojans? Can the Greeks themselves pillage enough food from the surrounding villages and towns to keep their own massive army fed? Can the allies of Troy relieve the besieged city and rush much needed supplies into the city before getting slaughtered by the Greeks surrounding the city. Can the Trojans strike a bold attack against the Greek main camp and break the siege completely? Will the Trojans dare use the Trojan Horse gambit?

Representing all of the heroes from this desperate war, with special rules for Hero units.

Striking a careful balance between homage to Homer's epic and known historical data of the period, the Trojan War presents a very realistic look at what the real world war between the Ionian Trojans and Mycenaean Greeks would have been like.

The Trojan War Box Set
comes with:

1) 17" x 22" 2 piece game map on quality blue 
     card stock.
2) 8 page Rule & Scenario booklet
3) Score pad with 30 nation sheets
4) 1D10
5) 135 plastic playing tokens
6) 135 playing token stickers
7) 8 1/2" x 11" pull out map of Troy.
8) 10 Weather Effect Cards.
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