Independant Internet Advertising Sales Rep

The Guild of Blades Publishing Group has begun a rapid expansion of several online business ventures. Page views and monthly banner invetory has begun to increase dramatically over the last few months. The company is now interested in assigning an experienced Internet Advertising Sales Rep to book its online banner advertising invetory.

The company is looking for *just one* independant sales rep to handle the sales of its monthly banner invetory and other advertising opportunities. This will be a contract position and compensation will be a flat 25% of ALL monthly revenues derived from the sale of advertising on the designated Guild of Blades web sites. Current rates range between $3.00 and $1.75 per thousand banners, depending on volume. The Guild of Blades website currently delivers between 100,000 and 150,000 banner impressions per month. New sites such as and extensive development of the Guild's core site, new historical content, and expansion of its play-by-email game ventures shall rapidly expand the company's monthly invetory to 250,000 impressions per month within three months and upwards of 2-10 million within 9 months.

Applicants should have a base understanding of the hobby game industry as well as some experience in as sales and the Internet business landscape. E-mail resumes in plain text form to or fax them to 1 (209) 315-8453. 


Ryan S. Johnson
CEO, Guild of Blades Publishing Group

2001 copyright, Guild of Blades Publishing Group