Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Alternate History Fiction Authors

The Guild of Blades Publishing Group is preparing to enter the fiction market to support and expand its core brands. These brands are the Worlds of Heroes & Tyrants RPG, Heroes Forever RPG, Button Wars: Empires & Overlords Universe, and its Empires of History brand..

The Guild is taking a somewhat unique approach to the fiction market, bringing online gaming, twist-a-plot novels, short fiction, and full length Sci-Fi and Fantasy fiction novels all under the same brand and marketing umbrella.

The Guild of Blades is specifically looking for current and hopeful authors looking to work to develope story lines and works of fiction based on Guild of Blades intellectual properties, either adding extended plot development to existing materials or developing new plot lines and materials in a manner that links into the overall intellectual property.

Authors will be given the opportunity to develope short story work or twist-a-plot style materials to 1) show the Guild staff the author is capable of writing professional level materials, and 2) for those authors that are awarded full length fiction contracts, the shorts shall help the company to promote and advertise that writer to our fiction readers.

Any authors interested in writing science fiction, fantasy, or alternate history materials and novels should check out the Guild of Blades Fiction Group web pages for full details.


Ryan S. Johnson
CEO, Guild of Blades Publishing Group

2002 copyright, Guild of Blades Publishing Group