Historical Content Providers

The Guild of Blades Publishing Group is starting to build its "Empires of History Network" of historical sites. We'll be providing historical articles, books for sale and book reviews, historical discussion forums, and comprehensive links directories for each genre we cover.

We are interested in recieving submissions for:

1) Historical articles: These can range from detailed accounts of specific events in history. Strategic overviews of major events or conflicts in history. Counter views on traditional historical views for various historical topics. Some "what if" type articles covering the various possible outcomes in the direction our history may have taken.

2) Book Reviews: We're interested on quality book reviews for a variety of historical books, from detailed historical content books, atlases, or works of historical fiction or alternate history novels.

3) Game Reviews: We are also interested in reviews for all sorts of historical games (hint, particularly ours.). We'll be posting these online. For territorial historical strategy game, such as our Empires of History Board Games, Axis & Allies, the World at War, and others, we may also be interested in publishing your review in our Empires of History Magazine.

For historical content articles we can offer from $5 to $15 in product (Depending on articles length and quality of writing) credit that you can use towards any Guild of Blades products. For reviews we offer a flat rate of $5 product credit. We only offer credits on articles we decide to publish, either online or in the Empires of History Magazine.

Anyone interested in submitting material shoudl e-mail our Historical Content Manager. For historical content articles, we recommend you write in ahead of time with a article proposal outline.

We are also looking for writers interested in doing full length Alternate History fiction. You may visit the Guild of Blades Fiction Group for more details.


Ryan S. Johnson
CEO, Guild of Blades Publishing Group

2002 copyright, Guild of Blades Publishing Group