Magazine Advertising Sales Manager

The Guild of Blades Publishing Group is preparing to launch a new extension of its busines providing games, produced as magazines to a variety of industries. We are in need of an experienced magazine advertising sales manager.

Responsibilities for this position include taking a part time sales position and establishing an advertising client base that includes fortune 500 companies and leading entertainment and toy product manufacturers and retailers. Our Magazine Sales Manager will effectively be running their own business, working from the commissions earned from all magazine ad sales. A flat rate of 15% of all advertising revenues shall fund the Magazine Sales Manager's salary and, as the business venture grows, any support staff and additional sales persons required to sell increasing advertising invetory for multiple publications.

The experienced Magazine Advertising Sales Manager will begin soliciting ads for a single publication to be released 12 times annually, with first year circulation figures of 1,000,000 per print run. A second publication shall be released starting on the 4th month of the program, with a third publication launched on month 7, and 4th publication luanched on month 10. Minimum annual advertising dollar volume of $2,700,000 the first year ($405,000 at 15% commission rate). Entering into the second year of the program the company will be expanding its distribution volume, with advertising volume to reach $6,480,000 ($972,000 at 15% commission rates). The company has already established distribution partnerships for these free publications, so circulation figures are not dependant on circulation or subscriber sales. All we need now is an ambitious, experienced Advertising Sales Manager to partner with us to help expand the venture more rapidly.

The company shall provide the Magazine Advertising Sales Manager and any staff they bring on all advertising support literature needed, but our ad sales partner shall be responsible for phone expenses, and any other business overhead they incure running the advertising sales operations. The Guild is not requiring our Magazine Advertising Sales Manager to work on an exclusive basis, so we would welcome inquiries from existing advertising sales firms.

Interested candidates should e-mail their resume's to . Only candidates with a proven track record in advertising sales will be given consideration. Experience in magazine advertising sales is most preferable. Lastly, candidates with a background in business management that possess the required skills to manage a sales staff and run a growing business capable of handling the Guild's growing advertising sales needs will be given top consideration.