Game & Fiction Reviewers

The Guild of Blades is always looking for reviews of our games and products. As such we are looking to provide an incentive program for any of our customers willing to write reviews set to a particular format.

All reviews will be centered around a 10 point ranking system, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. For both types of reviews we have a couple basic requirements. 1) If you are reviewing a game, you *must* have played that game. A casual glance of the rule book will not be sufficient. 2) To review a work of fiction you must have read that book.

For Game Reviews provide:
1) Publisher, Author/Designer, and if applicable, Notable cover artist.
2) An short overview about the game and what its weak and strong points are.
3) Ranking 1-10 on Game Play
4) Ranking  1-10 on Presentation (factor into this packaging and contents value vs the manufacturers suggested retail price)

For Fiction Reviews provide:
1) Publisher, Author, and if applicable, notable cover artist.
2) An short overview about the book and the author's strong and weak points are.
2) Ranking 1-10 Story and Writing quality.
3) Ranking  1-10 on Presentation (factor into this packaging and page count vs the MSRP)

Game reviews should be e-mailed to Be sure to include your full name and e-mail if that is different than the one used to submit the review. Reviews *must* be owned by the person submitting the review and you must be able to grant the Guild of Blades the right to submit your reveiw/s on its web sites. When submitting your first review, please also inform us what types of games/books you are interested in.

Ok. So what are we offering?

We can offer active reviewers a number of incentives.

1) 55% discount on Guild of Blades products purchased from the Guild web site.

4) A $5 credit with us for each review conducted in the above fashion. Credits may be applied to reduce the payment required for any order, or saved up and grouped together to completely purchase any products we offer.

What is an Active Reviewer?: An "Active Reviewer" will be defined as anyone who has submitted a review within the last 30 days. In order to qualify for the 55% discount on Guild of Blades products you must have submitted a review within 30 days of that order. Your $5 credit will apply regardless.

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