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Copy & Print

Check out our wide range of Copy and Short run print services. Books, cards, business cards, greeting cards, calendars, art prints and more...Read More

Publisher Services

The Guild also offers a host of publisher related services in addition to our POD printing. We can offer you graphic design, web design, publishing consulting and custom applications computer programing. We also offer a Retail and Wholesale programs available for publishers...Read More.


The Guild of Blades Retail Group now has its own web page. You can visit the Guild of Blades Retail Group at www.gobretail.com or click on a product line button to your left to continue shopping for products by the Guild of Blades Publishing Group.

We are leaving the GOB Retail web pages up for a while here on the GOB Publishing site, but they are no longer being updated. Visit www.gobretail.com for updated information on the Retail Group. GOB Publishing's web site shall continue to be updated here as per usual.

Guild of Blades Retail Group
Publisher Services

The Guild of Blades Retail Group is able to offer businesses and independent publishers a wide range of consulting services. Whether you need help with some graphic designs, need us to help you with your web site or build a customized one from the ground up or need the consulting services of experienced publishers, we are here to assist you. Our consultants are also able to do custom computer applications programming. Feel free to give us a call at 248-430-4980 or E-Mail US to discuss your project with us. Read below for an overview of the many ways our consultants can assist.

Graphic Design - $30/hour

- Bar Codes
- Booklets / Catalogs
- Book Covers
- Bookmarks
- Box Packaging
- Brochures
- Book Layouts
- Business Cards
- Business Logos
- Calendars
- CD/DVD Label Designs
- Flyers
- Business Forms
- Greeting Cards
- Letterhead & Stationary
- Maps
- Menus
- Postcards
- Posters
- Presentation Folders
- Product Packaging Design
- Sales Sheets
- Signs
- Web Graphics

Web Design - $30/hour

- Web Site Graphics
- Web Site Templates
- Ad Serving
- Auto Mailers
- Banner Advertisements
- Blogs
- Custom Mail Systems
- Forums
- Logos
- Mailing Lists
- Meta Tags
- Mouse Overs
- MySQL Databases
- PHP Scripts
- User Login / Profiles

Publishing Consulting Services - $25/hour

- ISBN, UPC, Stock Codes & More
- Production Scale & Market Size
- Traditional Printing
- POD & In House Production
- Gang Printing
- Product Packaging
- Inventory Control & Cash Flow
- E-Product & Online Content
- Distributors & Consolidators
- Retail Markets
- Warehousing & Fulfillment
- Shipping
- Import/Export
- Product Returnability
- E-commerce
- Business Structures
- Managing Freelance Talent
- Licensing Your IPs
- Publishing Licensed IPs
- Billing & Accounting
- Liability & Disaster Recovery
- Leveraging Data
- Diversification
- Business & Social Networking
- Store Merchandising & POS Marketing
- Utilizing Reviewers
- Branding & USP
- Exploring New Markets

Internet Marketing Consulting Services - $25/hour

- Internet Marketing Analysis
- Site Flow Analysis
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Marketing Infrastructural Development
- Branding
- E-Mail Marketing
- Viral Marketing
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
- Advertising Campaigns
- Campaign Tracking
- CPC Advertising
- CPM Advertising
- List Management
- Affiliate Marketing
- Press Release Dstribution
- Downloads and Media Streams

Custom Computer Applications Programming - $25/hour to $50/hour

We can provide computer programming for a wide variety of platforms and languages. .NET, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, PHP, Javascript, Ajax, XML, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, OpenGL and others. We also have vested interest with Michigan IT Services, which specializes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Whether you need to create some simple web applications or you have complex database systems, we can help.

Give us a call at 248-430-4980 and we can discuss your project with you and how to best get it implemented.

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