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Madison Heights, MI - 248-430-4980

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About the Guild of Blades Retail Group

Welcome to the Guild of Blades Retail Group. A unique venture in games retailing. GOB Retail is a store that combines hobby games and used video game retailing, local printing and print-on-demand services all under one roof. GOB Retail seeks to provide a retail environment designed to service the entire hobby game market, from the sale of great games from leading manufacturers and prolific small press publishers to POD printing and other professional sevices for game and fiction publishers, plus wholesale distribution to independent retailers. Whether you are a game hobbyist, a game publisher, game designer, fiction author, game retailer or any combination thereof, GOB Retail has something for you. Game and Fiction publishers should check out our Print-on-Demand services for POD Card Games, Books and Mini Book printing. The Guild of Blades Retail Group is ideally positioned to help small and independent publishers with our Retail, Wholesale and Master Distribution programs. Lastly, we also offer a host of affordable Publisher Services from Web Design, Graphic Design, Publishing Consulting and Computer Programming for small businesses.

GOB Retail was born from a close association with its sister company, the Guild of Blades Publishing Group, but is not directly affiliated with or owned by GOB Publishing and is utilizing the Guild of Blades name under license. If you have never heard of the Guild of Blades Publishing Group before, check out its large catalog of great games.

GOB Retail - Michigan's Largest Game and Comic Store

775 E. 14 Mile Road, Clawson MI 48017

GOB Retail sells a vast array of Entertainment Merchandise with over 160,000 items available, including:-

- Role Playing Games : Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), Star Wars, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, etc.
- Board Games, War Games, Card Games
- Miniatures Games : Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, X-Wing, Armada, D&D Miniatures, etc.
- Trading Card Games : Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Magic Singles, etc
- Comics, Graphic Novels and Pop Cultures : Statues, Action Figures, Plushies, Funko Pop, Keychains, Pins, Posters, etc

Visit GOB Retail - Michigan's Largest Game and Comic Store Today.

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