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Bismark Board Game

136 Full Color Game Units
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Stalingrad is a low priced 2 player strategy board game covering the epic naval confrontation between the German battleship, the Bismark, and the British Royal Navy.

In may of 1941, the German navy has sent is greatest battleship out to begin hunting British commerce, trying to disrupt the British naval supply lines and otherwise distract the British while the bulk of Germany's armed forces were heading eastward. In this game the German player must take the Battleship Bismark and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen out to sea and north of the British isles past the Denmark Straits and out into the Atlantic where it can prey upon and sink vital British convoys.

The British must sink the Bismark at all costs. Failure to do so will mean a meanace upon their shippng they can ill afford. The might of the Royal Navy is surely capable of the task, but the real challenge will be, how long will it take and what will be the costs. Victory in Bismark will depend on how much shipping the Germans are able to sink before the Brits are able to sink the Bismark.

11" x 14" Stalingrad Regional Map.

Bismark Includes:
1)  17" x 22" 2 piece color game map
2)  204 Full Color Cut-out Chipboard Game Counters
3)  Game Rules
4)  D10
5)  4 1/2" x 5 3/4" x 1.5" Game Box

Order now!      Only $7.95

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