Rome's Greatest Foe: 2nd Punic War
Obscure Wars Axis & Allies* Variant -- an Empires of History Game

Rome's Greatest Foe:
the 2nd Punic War
Obscure Wars Axis & Allies variant
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Rome's Greatest Foe: The 2nd Punic War is a fast paced 2 player territorial strategy board game. Carthage and the famed Hannibal squares off against the Roman Republic and its allies. Presenting Rome's allies of Messalia and Illyria and the Macedonian invasion of Illyria. Can the wealthy trade city of Carthage and Hannibal's invasion force cripple Rome before the Republic can bring its superior manpower and army to bear? Includes war elephants, generals with special abilities, and population limitations. Nations may bid on tribal relations in Gaul, Africa, and Iberia for troop movement advantages and the ability to hire mercenaries from those lands. Easy to learn fast paced game system lets you experience Rome's most desperate war in a short 2-3 hour game session.

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Rome's Greatest Foe: the 2nd Punic War
Box Set comes with:

1) 17" x 22" two piece game map on quality blue card stock.
2) 180 Plastic Playing Tokens
3) 180 playing token stickers.
4) 1D10
5) 12 page Rule & Scenario booklet
6) Score pad with 30 nation sheets
7) Card Stock territory control & incorporation markers, siege engines, tribal politics, and elephant markers.
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