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The Europe 1483 Box Set
Edition is now available!
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$44.95  - 
Europe 1483 Game Map. Click on map for more detailed view.
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Pre Orders Being Accepted For:
1)  Empires of History: World War II  - $54.95
03 / 100
Click on a link to you left to visit a game's web page and get instructions on how to pre order. The first number represents current pre orders. The second is how many needed to trigger publication by the Guild. Or at least early publication. If there is no web page yet, the link will be to an e-mail.
2)  W.H.A.T. Board Game 2nd Edition  - $39.95
03 / 25
3)  Africa 1483 Box Set Edition  - $34.95
02 / 75
4)  Beyond Hadrian's Wall  - $5.49
02 / 75
5)  Empires of History Mag. #2: Titos Partisons  - $9.95
6)  Mythology: War of the Panthenons  $16.95
00 / 50
7)  The Mongol Hoardes -  $17.95
02 / 50
8)  Interactive Empires: The War Game Ed. -  $44.95
00 / 150
9)  Heroes Forever: Weapons of the Ages -  $7.95

Check out the products below, currently available from the Guild

New Risk Variant!

Over The Trenches Box Set Edition

Over the Trenches is a World War I era Risk (*1) Variant. Using the same game play mechanics and style of Hasbro's "Risk" strategy board game, players compete for domination of a WWI era world map. Players get bonus armies for collecting "Nations" rather than continents, and large bonuses if they can hold onto one of the great world Empires. Territory point values limit the number of troops in each territory and city territories add a bonus to the defender. The additional of naval sea zones and faster naval movement adds another dimension for army movement and player strategies. If you played Risk and like the basic game, but are looking for deeped strategic play, this is the game for you

2-4 players,  Compexity: Easy,  Play Time: 2-5 hours.

Includes 2 piece 17" x 44" full colr game map, approx 300 Plastic Infantrymen, D6, rule booklet, combat chart and more!

Order Now:  $21.95   

World War I Series:
The War to End  Wars (WW1)
(Axis & Allies Variant)

  $34.95  - 

Overlords: Fantasy 
         Battlescape Wargame
(Titan Variant)

  $44.95  - 

 Empires of History
 Magazine (needs articles)

War to End All Wars
 World War I PBEM

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Total Number of Registered 1483 Online Players: 1461

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1483 Online Game Openings . . . . (as of 01/02/2003)

Since there always seems to be more players on the Update list and interested in playing than we have game positions available due to the number of currently running games, we want to assist new players in finding open positions in currently running games. Below will be a list of nations available and the e-mail address for the moderator to contact. We'll update this listing as often as possible. Moderators, if you have open positions, please e-mail As always, we advise players looking for positions to e-mail the moderators for each running game.

1) Game 3: Hasfid Caliphate. - E-mail the Moderator
2) Game 3: Ottoman Empire. - E-mail the Moderator
3) Game 5.2: Nambians (Tribal #14). - E-mail the Moderator
4) Game 5.2: Tribal #2. - E-mail the Moderator
5) Game 5.2: Tarson Empire. - E-mail the Moderator
6) Game 5.2: Manikongo. - E-mail the Moderator
7) Game 5.2: Nubia. - E-mail the Moderator
8) Competition Game: Nubia. - E-mail the Moderator
9) Competition Game: Manikongo. - E-mail the Moderator
10) Competition Game: Khemer Empire. - E-mail the Moderator
11) Tech Game #1: Safavid Empire. - E-mail the Moderator

Game 3: Join the Waiting List. - E-mail the Moderator
Game 4: Join the Waiting List. - E-mail the Moderator

Game News: Updated on 11/06/2002

1) New site layout has been implemented. We often get questions about the company's various board games from our 1483 Online players (sort of why we host this FREE gaming site), so the new layout has been designed to show the 1483 Online community a bit more of the company's product range.

2) The Ongoing Games Pages have been updated. Several of the older games had been removed since they seem to have stalled and the tech games have been added.

3) The Big News! The Guild of Blades has brokered a deal with a computer game design firm for the production of the fully automated 1483 Online game. The Guild of Blades will be releasing two separate versions of this game, starting with the free version. The free version will implement mapping features similar to the current map displays and will allow players to play in the "standard 1483 Online mass player scenario". Later a for sale version of the game will be released that provides players an extremely easy point and click user interface, dynamic 3d projection globe of the game world, map editors, and the ability to select certain optional rules, set player limitations, and more. The for sale version shall be fully compatible with the free version and both version will still offer free game play.

4) --IMPORTANT- for new players. If you've just visiting the pages and are interested in playing, then visit the "Player Sign Up" pages and follow the instructions there. Make sure to sign up to the 1483 Update list at

5) New Games: Stan will be your moderator for the Competition Game. Now signing up players. Also, Game 5 will be ending shorty and a new Game 5 will be starting. Existing players are getting first shot at the new positions, but any new players should e-mail the Game 5 moderator to see if there any positions remaining.

6) The Guild of Blades Publishing Group has just releases the new Europe 1483 Box Set Edition. Visit the 1483 web pages at to place your order today.

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