Empires of History: World War II
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The Guild of Blades long line of historically accurate Axis & Allies variant board games will finally include World War II. In typical fashion, Empires of History: WWII will be a historically accurate strategy game covering the entire conflict. While other publishers offer you a game covering the European theatre or the Pacific, or both, but in two separate games that don't link together, the Guild offers a comprehensive game covering the entire war.

You can Pre Order Empires of History: WWII today and qualify for the $49.95 price (Reg $54.95) and also recieve the bonus 1936 Game Scenario Booklet. We are not accepting cash pre orders at this time, but E-Mail the Guild to express your interest and pre order.

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One large 28" x 40" full color game map presents Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East in detail. Another 28" x 40" full color map contains Asia and the Pacific. Movement between the maps is clearly defined and a comprehensive series of offmap boxes contain North America, South America, the Atlantic central and lower Africa and more. One game: the entire war. With Manpower Limits, detailed technology development rules, and accurate historical detailing, Empires of History: WWII provides all of the game play quality and historical detail that gamers have come to expect from the Empires of History board game series.
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Game to Include:
  28" x 40" European map
  28" x 40" Pacific/Asian map
  756 Plastic Playing Pieces
  756 Playing Token Stickers
  Game Rule Booklet
  Resource Tracking Chart
  Manpower Tracking Chart
  Technology Chart
  Mounted Resource Chits
Picture of European Theatre Map


Picture of Asian/Pacific Theatre Map


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Empires of History: World War II Game News
The Guild of Blades will be waiting to publish its World War II game until we have collected sufficient consumer pre orders to justify its printing. We publish and update the number of pre orders we have recieved and what our targeted "to print" number is. You can see this number on our "Forthcoming Games Page"


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