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Play-By-Email Games

1483 Online: 1483 Online is a Free, 72 player interactive strategy game of world conquest. Set in the year 1483 players assume command of one of the 72 global powers of the time and try to expand their realm through diplomacy, trade, economic developement, and military warfare. Based on the popular 1483, Empires of History board game series.

The War to End All Wars: A play-by-email game of the First World War. Based on the popular Empires of History board game of the same name. Players assume control of the principle nations of the Central and Allied powers and manage their war time economies, develope technologies, and stuggle to overcome their enemies before war time attrition grinds their nation to a halt. 

Interactive Empires: A new kind of fantasy empire building game. Three ways to play!

1) Start with a modestly large city and set forth to forge an empire. Carefully manage your resources and train your army. Conquer your neighbors, build your roads and supply lines and be ever wary of the dreaded rebellions. 

2) Play a Mercenary Company, Guild, or Religious order. Build your following and contract your services out to build your wealth. 

3) Play a God. Manipulate everyone from the Realms above. Aid your supporters or smite your foes and try and increase the following for your religion. is the Guild's newest online venture. Designed as an Internet Portal for gamers, will offer a comprehensive coverage of the gaming hobby at a local level. You'll be able to visit's pages for New York, Los Angelas, Detroit, etc, to see what is happening at the local game retailer's shop, what the game clubs have planned, and see information on conventions are happening in your area. Plus you can add your name to our Gamer database and look for gamers in your local area that like the same games you do.
Guild of Blades Fiction Group

A newly forming venture here at the Guild, the Fiction Group will handle the production and distribution of a variety of novels based upon, and designed to expand the storylines and fictional worlds linked to our gaming products. The Fiction Group will be publishing novels, online short stories, and possibly interactive twist-a-plot adventures.

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Small Business Support Services

          Full color print consolidation          
          (Get 1,000 quantities at the cheapest rates.)
          Web Page Design  -  E-commerce 
          Graphic Design
          B2B, Consumer, & Internet Marketing 
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Guild of Blades Art Directory

Coming Soon. Top artwork from all the Guild of Blades artists, with prints for sale form select art pieces associated with Guild of Blades products, plus those of a few other companies. Also a place for independant artists to make their own prints available for sale.

Recognition Forum

Coming Soon. A site designed to support the creative person, from amatures to experienced freelancers. Linking companies and freelancers together. Writers, artists, and other creatives can post samples of their works. Support information from copyright law to literary agencies, writer associations and more.

Game Publishers' Digest

Coming Soon. The online magazine for new and growing game publishing companies. From game design, to printing, distribution, sales & marketing, building the company website, E-marketing, finding investors, and more.

Game Retailers' Digest

Coming Soon. The online magazine for new and growing game retail shops. From selecting a location, store fixtures, chosing distributors, merchandising the store, localize marketing, running events, hiring and training employees, building the company website, and more.

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