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1483 Game Play Polls

Thanks for stopping by to check out the various polls we've created for the 1483 Online game. Its our hope that with your feedback and the feedback of other players we can continue to provide the best game experience possible.

The web poll service we use doesn't allow for a direct link back to this page, so if you are interested in responding to multiple polls, either follow the link back to the 1483 Main Page or backspace twice to return to this page. Lastly, if you have an opinion on something that you think other player may not share and think it would be useful as a new poll, E-mail Us your thoughts. Thanks.

1483 Web Polls
1) How does 1483 Online compare to other Play-by-email Games. Rate it 1-5 (with 5 being the best)
2) Are you happy with 1483 Online's game pace?
3) Would you be interested in games with fewer players that charged for play?
4) Are you happy with Egroups as the 1483 list provider?

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