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1483 Online

Completely Free!

A game of medieval conquest beginning in the year 1483. 44 players compete for global domination through military conquest, trade, economic development and diplomacy. Based on the Guild 's 1483 board game series. If you like Axis & Allies, Diplomacy, or empire builder games in general, then this game is for you. 

An Empires of History game

The War to End All Wars

A World War I play-by-email game based on the Guild of Blades board game: The War to End All Wars. Assume command of the German Empire, British Common- Wealth, Austro-Hungarian Empire, France, Ottoman Empire...all the principle nations of the Great War. Attrition warfare at its worst. Can you preserve your manpower and develop your technologies in order to still have some fighter power come mid 1918?

An alternative game scenario provides for a free for all game. Make your own alliances! An Axis & Allies variant.

An Empires of History Game

Interactive Empire

A new kind of fantasy empire building game. Three ways to play!

1) Start with a modestly large city and set forth to forge an empire. Carefully manage your resources and train your army. Conquer your neighbors, build your roads and supply lines and be ever wary of the dreaded rebellions.

2) Play a Mercenary Company, Guild, or Religious order. Build your following and contract your services out to build your wealth.

3) Play a God. Manipulate everyone from the heaven above. Aid your supporters or smite your foes and try and increase the following for your religion.

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