Play-by-Email Game Moderators

The Guild of Blades is presently running and expanding its 1483 Online play-by-email game. You can find those pages by following the "Interactive" link of the Guild's index page, or by clicking here. Additionally the Guild has started internal development of "Interactive Empires" and "The War to End All Wars" play-by-email games.

Very shortly we plan to expand the number of games available for play for 1483 Online and need game moderators for each game. Moderators will need to have a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop in order to moderate any of these games. Priority will be given to those persons who are already familiar with this program. Others will be taught as time and resources permit.

Turns are updated twice weekly. Moderators will be able to determine when those updates shall be. Future game may also be opened to be run by moderators looking for a slower and faster game pace. Each update session typically requires an average of 1-2 hours, but that will largely depend on your proficiency with Photoshop. The Guild will provide all Moderators will all the programs and files they'll need to moderate a game.

1483 Online game moderation will largely be a labor of love, as the PBEM run off the Guild site is a free service. However, we can offer our Moderators a couple of incentives. First, all 1483 Online Moderators will recieve a free copy of any future 1483 board game products. If you currently own none of the 1483 board games, once you've moderated your first game, we would send you a free copy of all currently in print 1483 Board Games. Moderators would recieve wholesale discounts on all Guild of Blades products available from our website (approx a 60% discount off the suggested retail price).

If you are interested in Moderating any 1483 Online games e-mail We'll sign you up to our private Moderators e-mail list. In the coming months when the Guild launches its "Interactive Empires" play-by-email game and "The War to End All Wars" exits beta testing and the Guild staff can no longer handle the PBEM update volume, 1483 Online Moderators will be the first persons offered moderating positions for Interactive Empires, The War to End All Wars, and other Guild of Blades premium play-by-email games. Premium play-by-email games will be fee based games and will pay moderators for the moderation jobs they do.

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