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Heroes Forever: Billionaires Handbook
Comic Book Hero Role Playing System

In most games your character can have all the money in the world yet can't do anything meaningful with it. Not so with Heroes Forever. With Heroes Forever characters can spend character points to attain wealth and then use that wealth in meaningful ways to empower their characters. The Billionaires Handbook serves as the guide for both players and Game Masters on how to manage a character's wealth. Game Masters will learn how to control wealth characters and how to challenge them. Players will learn where their money comes from and find game tie ins associated with such.

Characters' wealth can come from:
 - Criminal Organizations
 - Stocks and Bonds
 - Lottery
 - Patent
 - Inheritance
 - Commodities
 - Information Broker
 - Land
 - Trademarks/Copyrights

The Billionaires Handbook provides new Advantages for wealth characters. Find out how they can purchase a country or simply diplomatic immunity. Also includes new skills, Bounty Hunters, GM wealth tracking sheet, criminal organization tracking sheet and wealth character sheet. Wealth and money can buy status, power, freedom and much more. Now you can utilize it to the fullest in your Heroes Forever games.

68 Pages. Comic Size. Perfect Bound

$7.95  - 

Cover Art by Kathleen Noble.
Interior Art By: Mike Mason, Allen Ditzig, Carrie Hall, Stephanie Lantry, Kevin Leen, Bruce Dowrie


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