Sorry about the poor scan quality. We intend to eventually get a 
better scan of each map section online for your to view. We hope 
that this will, at the least, provide a glimps about th egame format.

The Africa Map section is connected to the European and other
map sections by a few key points. By sea, Cape Verde sea area on
the Northwest side of Africa connects to both the American map
section (The Carabbean) and the European map in the Atlantic off
the coast of Spain. On the east side of Africa, the Red Sea and
West Indian ocean connect to the Pacific map at the East Indian
ocean sea zone, just off the coast of India.

On land Africa connects to Europe in two spots. The historic, and
most strategic of the two is where the Suez Canal map section
connects with the Palestine territory within the Ottoman Empire on
the European map. The other is that little territory on the far north
western portion of Africa, being the Spanish Morocco, is a straits,
where travel to the fortress territory is Gibralter is possible. Due to
the Neutrality of Spain, and the fortress nature of Gibralter, this land
route rarely gets used.

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