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Grunt Deluxe 2nd Edition
Fantasy Miniature Battles
Campaign Miniatures Game

Grunt Deluxe 2nd Ed
Fantasy Miniature Battles.
2 Player Starter Box

2 player starter set gives 2 players everything they need to start play.
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Grunt Deluxe 2nd Edition Fantasy Miniatures Battles is an easy to learn, campaign style fantasy miniatures game. The all new 2 player starter box includes everything two players need for play. Includes all new creature summoning rules, Spell Cards, all new castle and city templates and more. An inexpensive miniatures rules set that lets you play with any miniature figurines (includes card stock figures to get you started right out of the box).
3D Castles Expansion Set

The 3D Castles Expansion Set provides you with additional modular card stock castle pieces to allow you to custo- mize the shape and size of your Grunt castle. It also provides an additional 3D city and siege towers, ballisti, and more.

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Grunt Battle Cards:
Customizable Set #1

The first core Battle Card exp- ansion set for the Grunt miniatures game. This card set allows you to custome build your own battle deck and utilize the Customizable Card deck rules from the main game.

$4.95  --  Pre Order it Today

Siege Warfare Box Set

The Siege Warfare expansion set for Grunt. Adds 3D castle kit, 2 City kits, siege warfare props, advanced castle and castle siege rules, new battle cards and more.

Siege Warfare Card Set

Battle Frenzy Card Set

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Grunt Deluxe 2nd Ed. Product & Game News

1) The Grunt Deluxe 2nd Ed. 2 Player Starter box is near ready to ship. This item will be available in mid to late January 02. We are taking pre orders now. Order it now and we will ship out the game as soon as it becomes available.

2) The Grunt Customizable Battle Card Set is near ready to ship. It shall be available at the same time as the 2 Player Box Set. The Customizable Battle Card set allows each player to customize their own Battle Card and Spell Card decks to fit their own particular game strategy.

3) The Grunt Deluxe 2nd Ed. Siege Warfare Box Set is in production currently and scheduled for a late February 02 release. Detailing Castle and Siege Warfare in detail, this book adds new battlefield markers, castle siege rules. Included in this box set is a 3D cardstock castle set, two 3D city kits, and a variety of 3D siege engines. Also shipping in February are the Siege Warfare Card Set and the Siege Warfare Castle Expansions Set.

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