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Heroes Forever Handbook
Comic Book Hero Role Playing System

Core Rules: 112 Pages.
Comic Size. Perfect Bound

$13.95  -  

The Heroes Forever Handbook is the second book in the Heroes Forever RPG line. The Handbook includes:

1) New Character Kits that include:
- Mentalist
- Werewolf
- Vampire
- Sorcerer
- Brick
- Pliceman
- Mutant

Also in the this book is the New York City Setting. You will find the heroes and villains of this city, the political factions and figure heads, gangs, police and their equipment and more. Also includes an introductory adventure.

The Handbook also provides players their first look at the unique Heroes Forever alternate history Heroes Forever Earth.

- Hitler still rules Germany.
- Canada is at war with the United States and is run by world class villians.
- Cuba has invaded the Confederate States of America.
- The Immortals rule Mongolia.
- The Ottoman Empire rules from Constantinople.
- Tito and his army of Werewolves rule Yugoslavia.
- Stalin rules what is left of the communist world in Austria.
- Genies run Iraq.
- The Pharaohs still rule Egypt and the nation is a first world military power
- The Greek Gods rule Greece from Mt. Olympus.
- And much, much more.

A world history almost alien to our own

Cover Art by Allen Ditzig.
Interior Art By: Mike Mason, Allen Ditzig, Stephanie Lantry,  Ed Heil, Bruce Dowrie and Eric Campion.


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