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Atlas Book #1: Charlemagne's Knights
Comic Book Hero Role Playing System

Charlemagne's Knights provides details on Charlemagne and his Blood Knights and his little kingdom wedged between France and Spain.

The book provides a history of Charlemagne and his kingdom and its interaction against Vlad the Impaler and his Vampire hordes. It also details the great invasion of earth by the Gromler Interstellar Empire and the Grand Alliance under the leadership of Charlemagne that came together to combat it.

Character Kits Provided For:
---Blood Knights
---Gromler Warrior

Also included is a complete write up on Charlemagne and, of course, new powers for your characters to use.

Charlemagne's Knights
$3.95  - 

Cover Art by Stephanie Lantry.
Interior Art By: Mike Mason, Stephanie Lantry,  Ed Heil

What is an Atlas Book?

Heroes Forever Atlas Books are small digest sized source books that detail a small area of the Heroes Forever world or a faction or group of heroes or peoples. They are typically 28-40 page books and much smaller than the average sourcebook


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