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Heroes Forever Equipment Sourcebook
Comic Book Hero Role Playing System

Core Rules:
112 Pages. Comic Size.
Perfect Bound

$13.95  - 

The Heroes Forever Equipment book is loaded with armor, equipment, weapons, mecha, vehicles, space craft, attack choppers, robots, cybernetic implants and more. Characters can even buy nuclear weapons. Now you can sink your teeth into those billionaire heroes (like a Batman *1)

Also included are the following Character Kits:
- The World Conqueror
- Mad Scientist
- Boomer
- Archer

New Skill Kits Inlcude:
- The Engineer
- Fixer

- Operators

The Heroes Forever Equipment books also expands the Heroes Forever World, providing information on the Aztecs, Mohawks, Zulu Nation, Czarland, Dinosaurs in Madagaskar, Gateways to Hell in Angola, UFO Mother Ships and more.

Cover Art by Allen Ditzig.
Interior Art By: Mike Mason, Allen Ditzig, Stephanie Lantry,  Ed Heil, Bruce Dowrie and Eric Campion.


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