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Heroes Forever: World Review
Comic Book Hero Role Playing System

The Heroes Forever RPG world setting differs from most other supers games in one major way. Heroes have always been a part of the world; dating back beyond written history and into legend. Great warrior kings, sages, prophets, and demons of legend were really just heroes of their age.. While it has been armies that have won wars, they couldnt have done it without heroes by their side. Ancient Rome had a lot of heroes and that is why the classical age of Rome lasted well into the 10th century ad. Almost always a culture with a lot of heroes have become a prominent culture of their time. At this time we will look at the world the way it is, warts and all. Many of these nations hold a unique flavor of their own and will receive the attention they deserve, with source books covering the culture, nation, heroes and villains. Heroes being an ever present part of human history vastly differs from the "usual" that Heroes had only come into being recently via "mutations" (or whatever). With this understanding, parts of Earth's history, as we know it, have been changed. Thus the Heroes Forever RPG is based on an alternate history.

For a brief glimpse at the recorded past you can take a look at the Heroes Forever Timeline to see how its history differs (the timeline is a work still in progress).

You can also read below for a summary of the status of various nations and places on earth. More detailed information is planned for the Heroes Forever Atlas book and through setting specific sourcebooks, adventures and Atlas Books.

This was once a great country, up until the great depression. It never recovered. A Villain by the name of Authority took control of the government in 1942 while the US was busy in World War 2. He sided with the Allies against the German Reich so the US did not want to rock the boat on an already bad war. Today Canada harbors Villains from all over the world. Toronto and Quebec are major arms outlets for mercenaries and villains all over the world. The Canadian government has openly stated they want the overthrow of the US government. To this end they raid Detroit, Cleveland, Seattle and Buffalo on a regular basis. The worst is Detroit who gets raided almost every night. Last year Canada also invaded Greenland to expand their territory, and Authority hopes to join the EEU (European Economic Union). While not at war, a state of perpetual conflict exists between the US and Canada. The US has their hands full with other countries, which is the primary reasons Canadas activities have been tolerated at all. This leaves Canada to do what they will just so long as they remain a thorn in the side of the US, and not a larger threat.

The Egypt of today is not far removed from the Egypt of biblical times. It is still ruled by a pharaoh, Ramzees the 31th is the current pharaoh. They still use Hebrew slaves and it is one of the growing countries still using slavery. The newest pyramid is higher than Mt. Everest and is over 10 miles at its base. The Great Pyramid has been under construction for three centuries now and is nearing completion. Housed at the Pyramid top is a launch site for the Egyptian space shuttle program. They stay out of wars as much as possible (they are not too sure that their gods will come down and protect them. They have had a war or two with Israel, but each time Israel has fought them to a stand still. Ramzees is a class 3 hero/villain and has many powers. They are one of the powerhouses in Africa.

Zeus rules Greece with an iron hand. His laws must be followed and his will obeyed. There was a short period of time when Rome ruled Greece. This was a 10 century period, but Roman dominion of Greece ended when Zeus led a revolt of the Greek gods with support from the Norse gods, Odin, Thor and others. Later they helped destroy Rome in the great Franco-Roman war. Greece maintains a big Army and Navy. They have remained in a state of war with the Ottoman Empire since 1480 ad. Greece is a 1st world country able to go toe to toe with just about any nation.

Like Greece, a god controls this country. Odin is the ruler and in the past has had a hard time keeping it under his control. Ever since the Great northern war against Ivan the Great, Sweden has contended with Russia for supremacy of the north. Today Sweden controls the whole of Scandinavia and is a first class world power.

In 1943, faced with a prolonged war in Russia and in the west, Hitler offered a peace arrangement to the nations of the west. Great Britain and the US initially turned him down, but France accepted and regained its independence in doing so. With France neutral, the western allies route of advance on the German Reich was closed off, and they too accepted peace. Germany came out of the stalemate that was World War 2 in bad shape. They are still ruled by Hitler and the Nazi party (national socialists). After Hitlers Heroes found the Fountain of Youth and brought it back to Germany, hes been a new man. The Nazi war machine is once again ready to go, and Hitler has been flexing his muscles. Rumor has it he has his eye on the new Russian Republic and France. Germany has a few class 3 heroes and has been friendly with the Confederate Sates of America.

Japan was the only real looser out of World War 2. After Pearl Harbor it was down hill for the Japanese. In late 1943 Germany and Italy offered the Allies a peace treaty, and the war in western Europe ended. That allowed the US and British to concentrate on the Japanese. In Late 1943 they fell when Earth Soul firestormed Tokyo, Hiroshima and Osaka (this negated the need for Nuclear weapons in WW2). Today Japan is an industrial Juggernaut. They make a wide variety of MECHs, Armor, Tanks, and Personnel Weapons.

Hong Kong:
This small nation is at war with China. When the British pulled out in the 70s, china tried to move in. The war has lasted since that time. If not for the ability of Hong Kong to pay for mercenary heroes and state of the art weapons, they would have been over run a long time ago. Today they resemble Japan or a young United States; their laws are almost non-existent. They have almost NO taxes and some of the biggest companies in the world are located there. Hong Kongs biggest problem is over population. Nearly 90 million people live in Hong Kong itself, with another 50 million now inhabiting Hainon Island, which was seized from China a decade ago.

Easter Island:
Easter Island won their freedom from Chile almost 50 years ago. This is a place and nation of magic. They have no real army or navy, where their power comes from is their heroes. They have no less than three class 3 heroes, all magic users. And almost 100 class 2 heroes, enough to make any nation think twice.

The same guy has ruled this country for over 1,200 years. Vlad the Destroyer was and is a Vampire. The world knows it but because of the influence that he commands with companies and government officials, no one can mount a successful attack against his country. The Nazis tried too in World War 2, 25 divisions were slaughtered in the attempt. Many escaped and turned more Nazis into Vampires. Romania being on the side of the Allies along with Vlads horde of Vampires was one of the reasons that prompted Hitler to seek peace. Today Romania is in a state of war with Yugoslavia. Little is known about what happens inside Romania; rumors talk of hospitals where citizens must go to give blood once a week.

Israel doesnt know how to fight a war one on one; it has never had that luxury. They know how to fight a war five against one and always manage to come out on top. In 1984 Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia attacked Israel. In a mere five days the Israelis were driving deep into Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia, and holding off the Egyptians. The attacking countries sued for peace and they bought back most of the land that Israel won in battle. Israel has many knock off weapons plants. Their goods are almost exact duplicates of Yuil Ind. goods. Every year, shortly after Yuil Industries releases anything new, it shows up in the Israeli plants shortly thereafter. No one is sure if there is a strategic partnership there or if Israel simply has operatives on the inside stealing the technology.

The Confederate States of America:
The civil war was bloody; the North had the ability to produce more weapons and armies. The South had more heroes. The end of the war came after several heroes destroyed Washington DC and killed President Lincoln. Neither the United States nor the Confederate States fully recovered from the war until the mid 20th century. The north burned not only Atlanta but also Tallahassee, Jackson, Columbia, Charleston, Charlotte, and Montgomery. The Confederate States didnt take a side in World War 1, or World War 2. The Confederate States consist of Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Oklahoma. The Confederate sates are at war with Cuba. Cuba had been receiving support from the Soviets for years, until the Soviet Unions collapse. Without them Cuba doesnt have much of a future. Cuba still has the southern half of Florida but they wont keep it for long as the Confederate States have gotten their war industry humming. They will not stop with Florida; they are going to try to overthrow Castro.

United States of America:
After the Civil War the union was broken and it would take until the 1920s for it to work again. But with the luck of America the depression was only a few short years away. America entered World War 2 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. America then went into high gear and started producing planes, tanks, and ships at a massive rate. With assurances from the Confederate States that they would not attack the US went to total war against first Japan, then Germany. Since this time the US has not looked back and has become the biggest economy in the world by far.

The same man has ruled this country since the 1920s. Tito and his army of Werewolfs are in a state of war with Romanias Vampires. Tito is a Werewolf along with 1% of the population, the rest for which they rule over like cattle. In World War 2 Tito picked the side of the Soviets against Germany and is still a communist like state. It is the only time in history since both nations liberation from Rome that the two have been on the same side in a war. Yugoslavia is dominated by the central state of Serbia.

Cuba is a communist state at war with the Confederate States of America. The war is going badly for the Cubans. With the collapse of the Soviet Union they are left without many of the troops that they need to keep southern Florida. Castros hold over the masses is waning and communism is collapsing all over the globe.

Russian Republic:
The Russian Republic has come into being in the last three months. They have stopped their war with the Confederate States of America and have gone to a constitutionally limited republic. They have modeled themselves after the United States and have copied their constitution almost word for word. They are now a free country with a thriving economy. The country is also thriving with heroes; both the regular people and the heroes seem to embrace the new republic.

Honduras is officially out of the war between the Confederate States and Cuba. They supply the Cubans with arms and troops (the troops are on loan from the Honduran government). They also are on the verge of collapse along with all other communist states.

Panama is getting ready to join the United States of America as a state. It has already been voted on and will be a state in the spring with President Nixons signature.

Poland is lead by the Tutonic Knights. During World War 2 as the Germans and Soviets were fighting on polish soil, a group of Teutonic Knights came out of the past. They united the people and fought both of the invaders with an army of Golems. Poland today is a powerhouse of industry and heroes stuck between two super-powers.

France is a good example of socialism. They have high unemployment and low wages. They have an incompetent army and small navy. Even their heroes are rude and obnoxious. They have essentially been a German puppet state since the peace settlement of WWII, and are expected to either be absorbed into the German Reich or conquered in the near future.

Italy is controlled today by the Vatican. It is a country that has vast amounts of magic and magic heroes. The Vatican has turned more towards war and defeating dictatorships all over the globe.

Switzerland is like always, neutral. The Swiss Guard, in olden times, was a power to contend with. In modern times no one really knows if the Swiss have any powerful heroes or not. Its a subject the Swiss never speak of publicly. Though it is rumored that Hitler lost several divisions early during WWII on an ill fated attack on Switzerland, meant to drive an army south of the Maginot Line.

Austria is now the home of the Red Squad. The Red Squad were the soviet heroes who could not deal with the collapse of the Soviet Union. There are almost 30 heroes in total. Austria being a communist state is in bad shape, but with the Red Squad there they can put down any demonstrations in a matter in seconds.

The cult the Shining Path controls the country. They have spies everywhere and the populace is afraid to do or say anything. There are heroes who fight the good fight but they are outnumbered ten to one.

The drug lords rule Columbia. The government has collapsed and the lords rule their own cities and territories. Infighting among the lords is high as they say, only one will rule.

India is at war with China, and they are loosing. The cast system has broken down and many people are not fighting. They say that because they are of a higher cast that they should not fight because this lower member of society is still here. Both India and China have population to give; it has been a stalemate for a year, but recently China has gained the upper edge and captured Kashmir. India will loose unless something good happens to them.

UniteD Kingdom:
Once ruler of the seas, but now a shell of itself. They recently had to sue for peace giving up Ascension and the Falkland Islands to Morocco. Unemployment is at 27% and there have been riots in all major cities. A new hero has appeared and his name is Arthur. He claims to be the old King of legend, but King Charles says he will not give up without a fight. All the Kings seers have told him to give up his thrown. One of his seers comes from 100 years into the future. This seer says that Arthur is indeed the legendary King and that he will bring a new age to Britain and her allies.

China is doing very well right now because of the war. Not only is their economy rolling along but so is the war against India. The top Chinese general says that it will be only another two to three years before India falls to his hoards. As soon as the war is over, the country is due for trouble. Only its constant state of war has managed to stall the human rights issue.

Haiti may be small but like Easter Island they have many class 3 heroes. All are masters in Voodum (voodoo. see the Magic Source Book). Only the bold go to Haiti, they just might find what they are looking for.

Chile is a democracy with a president. A country with a strong and well trained army, but not known for many heroes.

The immortal Gengis khan still rules the great Mongol Empire. The only hope for India is for Mongolia to get into the war on their side. So far Khan has given it some thought. But Khan keeps his own council. Khan has many immortals from all over the globe in his army. The CIA estimates that their may be as many as 700 immortals in the Mongolian army (more on immortals in an upcoming book).

This country is ruled by a demon that says that he is a prophet. They seek to export the new Islam. Anyone who does not subscribe to this religion is an enemy and deserves to die. To this end they have blown up buildings, schools, planes, ships, and the Eiffel Tower. The old Islam is fighting them every step of the way.

Tibet is neutral in the Chinese/Indian war. They like Mongolia are deciding what to do; they will go with Mongolia. Tibet has the worlds largest drug fields. But, these are no ordinary drugs. They give the people who use them powers. They have what might be the most powerful army on the face of the earth.

The villain Grool rules Argentina. This villain crash-landed his space ship in Argentina and then proceeded to take it over. He is a class 3 villain who is powerful. Argentina is an OK country with good infrastructure and industry.

Brazil is a democracy, and a powerful one at that. They are one of the super-powers and could take out Argentina if they had too.

Iraq is controlled by a small group of Genies. They have some mad dream about finding all the men (there are only women genies) Genies and taking over the world.

In 1917 after Lenin came to power the Czar managed to escape with his family and an army to Alaska. The United States gave them part of Alaska and they have been a force against Communism ever since. They have a small but potent army and navy. They were able to hold off the Soviets during their invasion of Alaska in 1981. The Soviets threw 50 divisions across the straits. The Czaerists and 200th Mecha division held the entir Soviet army thru the Winter til reinforcments could arrive. When it was all over in the spring the Soviets had lost 80 divisions in Alaska. With Poland, Germany and Sweden now looking at a Soviet Union in trouble and weakend and looking like easy pickings, they sued for peace. Not wanted to get into a war on two fronts and doing very badly against the USA. This was the pivitol moment of Communism, up until 1980 communism had not been defeated and from this day forward communists would lose more and more power til the colapse of the Soviet Union. Now that the Soviet Union is gone, there is a movement to bring back the zar to Russia.

After being driven from their lands by the combined might of the CS and US forces, the Commanche moved south to help out there brothers the Aztec against Mexico. After 10 years of war, the Mexican government signed a treaty giving the Commanche and Aztec land

The Apache fared better than the Commanche in that they kept there lands.

Poncho Villa has ruled Mexico for almost 100 years. He rules as he sees fit, he is a hero to the people and they will put up with a lot. They have a good army and navy and could push the Comanche out if they really wanted (if the Aztecs would let them). Poncho Villa is a class 3 hero/villain and very competent, able to hold his own in both the political and fighting arenas. The army has over 10 divisions on the boarder with the Aztecs and still is constantly raided by the cannibals. Mexico is filled with Gladiator arenas and Brek fights (one of only a few countries that keep the Brek alive).

This country is as old as Egypt but not nearly as powerful. When the Europeans arrived in 1492 the Mohawks saw the writing on the wall and made some very good deals with the British and French governments at the time. They have stayed neutral in almost all wars (only World War 2 did they take the side of the Allies). They have been the country that other countries go to try to settle disputes. In 1865 they helped the Confederate and United States end their long war. They were instrumental in the founding of the Comanche, Apache, Arapaho and Crow countries. But, make no mistake, the Mohawks do have a great military. Recently Canada invaded, The Mohawk tribe not only threw them out but also took 500 acres on the other side of the St. Laurence Seaway. It cost the Canadian government $90,000,000 to get it back.

Indonesia is a country only in name. Similar in circumstances to Columbia, the government collapsed after the Great Invasion and has never recovered. All islands are independently governed on their own; villains or mad heroes control many. (GM note: This is a great area to put a World Conqueror in).

Spain is a monarchy and they are friendly with the United Kingdom. While they have stayed out of wars in the past 150 years they do not lack a military. The current ruler, Edward the 24th, wants only peace. Spain has over 60 fighter arenas.

Pakistan is ready to join the war against India. They have offered to come to the aid of India for the province of kasmer. India rebuked them and there were a few skirmishes. Pakistan will be ready to invade within the next 6 months. It is unknown how Tibet and Mongolia will react to the entry of Pakistan into this war.

Saudi Arabia:
A damage class 3 sheik rules Saudi Arabia. They are on good terms with Egypt, Germany, Yugoslavia and China. Their main goal as a country is to destroy Israel, Iran and Iraq. Their military was crushed in their last war with Israel and is only now back on its feet. It is estimated that they need at least 10 years to rebuild their military.

Malta is ruled by a nazi who broke away from Germany in the 2nd world war. She was unhappy with the way the war was going (she believed that Hitler was not evil enough) so she decided to break from Germany. Her timing was perfect (at the height of German power) and the allies sent diplomats to acknowledge her rule. She considers Israel to be her biggest enemy and has given Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria over $2,000,000,000 to go to war against them. Israel considers them a very small problem but one that they will deal with in the near future. Recently the Malta government has discovered a cash of magic wands.

Crete is ruled by an ancient order of Knights. But, unlike the knights in Poland who are good, they are evil. They are an ally to Egypt, Germany, Romania and Yugoslavia. They try to get Greece and the Ottoman Empire to go to war whenever they can (they consider both to be their enemies and would like a foothold on the mainland).

A king rules Portugal. They are on very good terms with Spain and have a defensive pact. They are a quiet little country that minds there own business. But having said that they will exterminate vampires and werewolves when they see them.

Siam is the last refuge of Japanese imperialism. With the Japanese looking at loosing the war they hatched a plan. They moved their most loyal people and set up shop in Siam. They have been here ever since. Being on the boarder with China has kept them ever vigilant and their military busy. 90% of their armed forces are on the boarder with China. If Korea enters the war against China so will Siam.

The Philippines are the 45th state of the United States of America.

Morocco is a 1st world country. They recently took Ascension Island and the Falkland Islands from the United Kingdom in a war. Morocco has Tyu for a leader, he is a direct descendant of Mohammad. He is a class 3 hero/villain with the power Wizardry.

The Island nation of Brunei is stuck in the past, literally. Time moves at only half the rate it does for the rest of the earth. When one steps foot on Brunei soil they go back in time to the year 25. But this is a one-way trip; there is no way back (unless you have time travel).

Syria is stuck between 3 powerhouses, The Ottoman Empire, Israel and Iraq. They are not on favorable terms with anyone on their boarders. They survive by being in a good defensive position and making friends of Egypt, Russia, Germany, United States of America and Canada. They are a republic with a president that is elected every 5 years.

Chad is like Sudan, limited army and defenses. It was thought that they were targeted instead of Sudan for invasion by Egypt. Egypt might not have to invade; there is a movement to give themselves over to Egypt without a fight. In the early 70s Egypt did invade Chad. Only with the help of the newly founded Freedom Alliance did Chad turn back Egypt. Chad is under Powerhouses protection, and Egypt will not take on the Freedom Alliance again while they are at war with another power.

Sudan is on its last legs, if not for the intervention of Italy on the behalf of Ethiopia they would be part of Egypt. Italy has helped out Sudan some, but most of their help has come from S. Africa, Zulu Nation, Morocco and Greece. This has allowed them to stay alive. It is estimated that Sudan can survive as long as Egypt has the powerful Ethiopia to content with. Both Sudan and Ethiopia are trying to get Israel into the war (with limited success).

Jordan survives at the leisure of Saudi Arabia. There is a battle for the hart and soul of the country between Iraq and the Genies, Iran and the new Islam and Saudi Arabia and the old ways. It appears that the new Islam is wining; there have been religious leaders of the old Islam killed almost every day. All over Jordan it is war, people have to watch their backs. People from other religions are killed on sight. Jordan is ruled by a monarchy, King Hussein rules. Only because he survives assassination attempt after attempt is he still in power. Recently he had 7 assassination attacks on the same day, by February 15th he had 79 assassination attempts on his life for the year. When King Hussein dies so does Jordan, next in line for the thrown (his son Somi) has been converted to new Islam.

This is a wild land filled with dinosaurs, Kauju, Dragons, cavemen (most with powers), aliens and natural Golems. Only the strongest of heroes enter. No government can or will claim the island.

The Korean War lasted from 1950 to 1952. And it ended in a stalemate, the south belonging to a democracy and the north to communism. When 1960 rolled around this stuck in the craw of then president of the United States Kennedy. He called his counterpart President Goldwater in Jackson and together they drew up a secret plan to take back N. Korea. They secretly brought in all the heroes they could, even the draft was instated secretly for heroes. At the same time they built up the armed forces, not just American and Confederate but Italian, British, French, Egyptian and Zulu Nation forces went to war. In a matter of 10 hours the N. Korean troops were on the run for China. Today Korea is a powerful country, able to withstand a frontal assault from China. They will be invading China if the war goes too badly for India.

After the national forces lost and retreated to Taiwan the US and CS governments stepped in and supplied them with money and aid. In 1972 after China lost Vietnam and Korea the communist government was mad, and they needed a victory for the revolution. They choose Taiwan to invade and take back. They were not ready for the state of the art weapons systems that they had. The invasion lasted 30 hours and wiped out the Chinese navy. When it was all over 69,000 Chinese soldiers lay dead or dieing. These two defeats lead to the invasion of India (the revolution needed a win) in 1998.

Ethiopia is the only Christian country in Africa. They are in a state of war with Egypt. Italy has been sending them food, supplies, weapons, guns and troops to keep them going. And so far it has been successful. With all the troops from Italy they have stabilized the front and put more pressure on Egypt and forced them to move their troops out of the Sudan war. It is unknown if Egypt will attack Italy for interfering in the Egypt/Sudan-Ethiopia war.

Zulu Nation:
The British didnt defeat the Zulus. Shaka (a class 3 hero) single handily saved the Zulu people. With the help of the Zulu gods they were able to fight them to a standstill. After 50 years of war the British acknowledged the Zulu Nation. When World War 1 came around the Zulus sided with the Germans. With their help they kicked the British out of S. Africa. When World War 2 rolled around they were neutral. They (along with Ethiopia) are a counter to Egypt in Africa. Egypt has said that all of Africa is theirs. The Zulu Nation is friendly with the United States, Confederate States, Russia, Brazil, Ethiopia and India. They are at odds with Germany, Egypt, Cuba (they has sent warriors to help the Confederate States), Canada and Romania. They have 4 battalions of their famous Zulu Warriors; they all have magical powers and are lead into battle by Shaka himself.

South Africa:
South Africa has seen a lot of changes. It started out as a British colony, then the Germans took it in World War 1. And finally broke free of Germany after the Second World War. It is still very close to Germany and the Nazi Party (national socialists) still control parliament. They will do what they can to help out Germany in the upcoming war, (WW3) except declare war on someone. They have been on friendly terms with the Zulu Nation. They will do what they can to help stop Egypt from conquering Sudan.

The Congo is a country that is almost collapsed from civil war. It is only a matter of time before Egypt gets into it; one of the factions is controlled by Egypt. If that faction should win they will ask to join Egypt. But the Zulu faction is also strong there and they may invade rather than have Egypt at their door.

Gabon is a small country trying to hold on to civilization in the middle of Africa. They have a good economy but small military. In recent years it has taken all their effort to stay out of wars.

City States of Africa:
All are independent cities ruled by mostly villains. Everyone who enters any of these city-states should be very careful. Many of them are lawless and will lock up any person for any reason. There may be more than 600 city-states in that area of Africa. While they do not like Egypt they are closer to Morocco and have them to deal with. If the city-states should ever join together under one banner they could be the power in Africa. Most city-states are ruled by villains or multi-billion dollar companies more than capable of defending themselves against the average country.

Angola is off limits to anyone who wants to live. Angola is a place filled with magical energy of the dead. Outside the city of Luanda is a gateway to hell. The Zulu Nation, S. Africa and Congo all have put up giant walls over 40 feet high to keep the paranormal forces in Angola. The S. African navy patrols off the Angola shore to keep people out. You see, inside Angola are natural time tunnels, gateways to heaven and hell, natural zombies, demons, angels, poltergeists, ghosts, banshees, ghouls, Frools and lots of gold, diamonds and gems. And it is for the gold, diamonds and gems that people brave all the supernatural menaces. All the magic energy has had a side effect, gold, diamonds and gems are being made at a very high and unnatural rate. Some of the old cities are almost completely turned to gold. Then after they turn to gold the transformation process turns them into diamonds or gems. Also any weapons left there are turned into magical weapons.

Kenya was the hardest hit during the Great Invasion. A mother ship landed in Kenya and the Brek went to work eating the local populous. In one of the great battles during the invasion the Kenyan people took the mother ship in a bloody battle. And the Kenya of today has control of the mother ship and all its weapons and technology. Late last year a team of scientists from Important Software Inc. helped get the ship on line. It flew to Jupiter in 20 minuets. The Kenyan government now makes a lot of money selling the technology and moving cargo to outer space for big profits. Since their agreement with Important Software Inc. they have made over $2 Billion for their country. And with that influx of money Kenya is getting back on its feet. They will become a power in Africa in the next ten years. Being a constitutionally limited republic, it is thought they will side against Egypt.

The Aztecs have a long history of sacrifices and cannibalism. Quital still rules the Aztecs as he has for over 3,000 years. An immortal, he once fought Jesus. At his command are armies of cannibal warriors, people who gain powers by eating other people. If this wasnt bad enough, their great pyramids fly and teleport to distant areas and grab people in the night. Some of their gods are active in their army and often battle on the front lines. It is said that Quital is stronger than most of the Aztec gods. It was his army that was the main reason the Earth repelled the Brek during the great invasion. They leave the rest of North America alone; they take their victims from places like Chad, Congo, Sudan, Siam and China. As a nation they are afraid of no one, they are on good terms with Germany, Egypt, United States, Canada and Poland. They are always at a state of war with Mexico, and Mexico has 10 divisions on the boarder in a defensive posture. Mexico is so paranoid about an invasion they have tactical nukes all over the Yucatan Peninsula. The Aztecs will do what ever they can to destroy the other American Indian countries (except their close neighbor, the Comanche). They also hate Italy, Spain, Zulu Nation, Mongolia, Tibet and Japan.

Costa Rica:
Not much is left of Costa Rica. Only 50 square miles remain. They have been at war with Honduras for 3 years. Most of what is left of the Costa Rican army is getting ready to give up their fight, for now. They will cross the boarder into Panama and ask for asylum. Then they will join the Confederate Army as they attempt to wipe communism from the face of the earth. And one day reclaim their land.

The Crow are lead by the god Coyote. An enemy of the Aztecs they look for any opportunity to destroy them. Their feud goes back some 2,000 years when Coyote and the rest of the tribes in N. America fought back the advancing Aztecs. They are friendly to the US and CS.

While this island nation is in the artic, it has tropical weather. This is the land of Dragons and all countries leave them be. The ruler Drago, controls the weather and what happens on the island. No humans are allowed on the island. Freeland is populated with Dragons but also Cyclops, Minotaur, Changelings, Gromlers, Leprechauns and Lykinee. Little is know of what really happens on the island even satellites can not see what is happening somehow they are blinded when looking there.

The Moon:
The moon has been colonized since 1970. The first people to try to colonize the moon were hero Romans. They had limited immunity to space and when the first person went there and came back they decided to gather a group of people and try to colonize the moon. They did not realize about space back then, they could not understand the concept. Most of the people died when they reached outer space, others died because they were not 100% immune to space. After a month there were only a handful left. What happened to those people we do not know, they left that carved on a rock at the city. No bodies were ever found. When the Roman heroes did not return the Romans thought the moon cursed and forbid any others for going there. It wasnt until the 18th century that another hero tried, his name was Ramirez. It was Ramirez, who went to the moon with a few animals, when the animals all died on the way to the moon he came to the conclusion that there was no air in space. And without air there could be no plants, and without plants people couldnt eat. It wasnt until 1970 when the Freedom Alliance offered their help that a moon base was established. In the great invasion the Brek seemed not to know of the moon base. As of 2008 there are 95,000 people living on the moon.

Jupiter Station:
The Vatican had this very large station build. Here they wait for the return of Jesus. Many visions have happened here in the past 4 years (9), and this has the Vatican hopeful for his return. The station is right above the great red storm and is one of the best places in the solar system for its beauty. Jupiter station at any one time has just more than 10,000 people. The station is based on Brek technology and does have weapon systems. Originally made in earth orbit, the Pope moved it to Jupiters orbit in 1989. Jupiter Station is more than a place of worship and beauty, it is a stop before the outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). This makes it very profitable for the Vatican and the church has made billions since.

Mars wasnt colonized until 1981; Powerhouse flew sections of a self-supporting city and assembled them. This undertaking took 9 months but it gave the United States a huge edge in the space race. Mars is rich in Helium 8, a very powerful fuel used for space ship engines and in power plants back on Earth. With some more help from Powerhouse who flew machine parts to Mars the colony was able to turn out many space ships and sped up the colonization of the solar system. Mars has a population of just over 200,000.

The Asteroid Belt:
Deep inside asteroid ER-00934 the United States, Confederate States, United Kingdom Russia, China and France have a defense force. 14 miles inside the asteroid are 100 fighters, 3,000 nuclear missiles and over 5,000 troops. After the great invasion of 1972 the above countries cemented their Anti-Brek Alliance and made this defense platform almost 15 years later. It stands guard over the Sol system and scans Brek frequencies for any sign of activity. The base has only one mission, protect the sol system. All the countries in the world help pay for the cost of running the defense outpost and all do it with a smile.

Pluto Station:
This is one of the first lines of defense for the solar system against another invasion from aliens. The mad villain Attraction is in suspended animation here. If there is another invasion he will be woken up and his power and insanity will take over. His power is Major Cosmic Control (see H.F. Magic). It appears that some other villain was trying a personality transfer, but something went very wrong. If it wasnt for the quick work of the Freedom Alliance half the world might have been destroyed.

...The world of Heroes Forever is one that puts the heroes in the role of leaders. This is what would happen, a villain would not stay in the US with all the heroes here. He would go and take over some small country and rule. Unlike most other comic book role-playing games and comic book companies, heroes have been around since man has. Some who were heroes where just great men like Leonardo De Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander the Great, and Albert Einstein. Others had some kind of power, Jesus, Mosses, Hercules, Mohammed, etc. Others were great in other ways, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, and Bill Walton. These guys hire groups of heroes and are great businessmen. So just because you dont have a cape and powers doesnt mean that you are not powerful.


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