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So, you have decided you want to play 1483 Online. So what's next? Follow the steps detailed below:

Step1: Visit the Players Registration and fill out the short form there. We'll ask you a few basic questions that helps us

Step 2: You MUST SUBSCRIBE to the 1483 Online Update List. This list is where we will announce new games forming and how to sign up. If you are not subscribed to this list odds are you will not receive notice of new games forming and not get to play.

Step 3: If you are interested in joining an ongoing game, then e-mail the moderators of those games separately. There are often positions available which have been abandoned by players for one reason or another, though typically these will be challenging positions for nations in a tough spot. A great way to get your feet wet, so to speak. Go to the Ongoing Games Page to visit the individual game pages to contact the various Moderators.

Helpful Travel Guild

The following are direct links to pages every new player should become familiar with:

1) Complete Online Rules

2) Ongoing Games Pages

3) Online Discussion Forum

Other Interesting Places

4) Becoming A Moderator
5) 1483 Board Games
6) Advertise on 1483 Online
7) Guild of Blades Publishing
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Customer Questionnaire

A few basic polls to give us a better idea on how to make 1483 the best game possible.

Online Feedback Form
We want your feedback. If you have comments, questions, or ideas on how we can improve 1483 for you, don't hesitate to contact us. If you don't like online e-mail response forms you can always e-mail us at:

For questions and comments e-mail:

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