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Mythic Chess

Complete Game Rules

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Mythic Chess is a new twist on the classic game of Chess. It is still the same great game of pure strategy with no luck or dice. Only now instead of the same old game units of King, Queen, Bishop, etc, you now have a variety of new units based on mythological pantheons.

These units are more than merely named after the Greek and Egyptian heroes, but are completely new units with different movement rules and abilities, making Mythic Chess an all new strategic experience. Two dimensional play spreads the game over the three maps of the main (Mortal) board and two separate Pantheon boards.

Buy additional Mythic Chess sets to expand your collection of Pantheons and to try multi player games of 4 players or more games.

Mythic Chess Includes:

1) 15" x 15" 2 piece Chess Board
2) Four 8" x 10" God Plane Boards
3) 24 Mount and Cut Egyptian Game Units
4) 24 Mount and Cut Greek Game Units
5) 2 Game Unit Ability Reference Charts
6) Game Rules
7) 4 Portal Markers
8) Game Box

Order now!      Only $11.95

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