About Button Wars 2nd Edition
Button Wars is a strategic table top tactical spaceship combat game. Players use button-like disks to represent various ships within a fleet and smaller plastic tokens to represent fighters and mecha units, then take their fleet into battle against other players. The goal in each battle is to destroy as many ships as possible belonging to your enemies while losing a minimal number of ships yourself.

Much of the Button Wars game is about strategic positioning. The game can be played on any flat surface; typically a table. During game play players will move their buttons in such a way to try and gain a tactical advantage over the oppossing player/s.

There are many different strategies players may employ, a great number of them as of yet unknown. The first step in preparing to play Button Wars is to select a fleet. Fleets of any size may be played, so long as all player agree to a size before fleet selection begins. Each spaceship and fighter/ mecha has its point value right on it. A given point total is chosen and each player may select any combination of spaceship buttons and fighter/mecha units to build their fleet, subtracting the ship total of each unit selected from the total allowed.

Building A Fleet

Before play can begin, each player must select a fleet of ships from the buttons they currently own. Most battles are primarily designed as two player scenarios, though as long as each player builds a fleet from a different faction (see below), then multiple players may compete in a single game.

Each ship within the Button Wars game has been assigned a point value rating, otherwise referred to as its “Total Points”. Players must decide the total points value of the fleets they will be playing with. A small fleet fleet of the sort involved in skirmish sized battles would consist of 75 or more Fleet Points. A medium sized fleet consists of 200 to 300 Fleet Points. This would be the average fleet within the average battle. A large fleet would consist of any fleets larger than 300 Fleet Points. Major battles that can have a significant impact on the course of the war would be 500 Fleet Points or larger.

A fleet may consist of any ships that belong to a particular alliance. Any fleet that is comprised completely of ships belonging to a single power will recieve a +1 to initiative rolls. For a complete break down of available factions and the alliances possible between them, check out the Empires & Overlords Universe.

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