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Copy & Print

Check out our wide range of Copy and Short run print services. Books, cards, business cards, greeting cards, calendars, art prints and more...Read More

Publisher Services

The Guild also offers a host of publisher related services in addition to our POD printing. We can offer you graphic design, web design, publishing consulting and custom applications computer programing. We also offer a Dropship program and have Retail and Wholesale programs available for publishers... Read More.


GOB Retail Dropship Services

The Guild of Blades Retail Group can offer dropshipping for products printed through our Print-on-Demand and/or Copy and Print services. There are a few costs involved with dropshipping orders, so we have established a "dropship" charge per unit that is enrolled into our dropshipping service. With our dropshipping service you can print items through our POD Printing services then opt to have a portion of your print run or your entire print run warehoused with us and then shipped to destinations of your choice when you instruct us to ship it.

There is a one time fee for each unit entered into our dropship program. That fee covers final assembly of the product where needed, our warehousing of the product until it needs to be shipped and our handling for boxing and shipping. Product will ship with your company address labels and we will print and insert invoices if you send them to us (In PDF format) at the time of sending us your shipping instructions. The prices below represent the costs for assembly, storage and packaging for shipping. If invoices are to be printed and inserted, they will be extra, at the rate of $.06 per page, and balance taken from your established shipping fund (see further below).

Single Deck and Double Deck Card Games
Card Booster Packs
Perfect Bound Books
(8.375" x 10.875", 6.625" x 10.25", 5.875" x 8.875")
All Saddlestitched Books
(+ 5.375" x 8.375" & 4.25" x 7" Perfect Bound Books)
Mini Books
Custom Die Cut Stickers
$1.00 each
$.25 each
$.50 each

$.25 each

$.15 each
$.15 each

In addition to the dropship fees, each dropship account must establish a "shipping" account with us. This amount will vary for each product depending on its size and weight but generally will be set to an amount needed ship 10 individual units via mail order. Shipping carrier will be the United States Post Office and all shipments will include tracking. Additional USPS services may be requested. Each time you instruct us to make a shipment, once the item is shipped we will e-mail you tracking numbers and your updated balance on your shipping account. When your shipping account gets low we will notify you so you may replenish it. We will NOT ship orders where there is insufficient funds in your shipping account to pay for the shipping.

We are willing to dropship most any product we print for you. So if your product type is not listed above or your have additional questions about ou dropshipping program, give us a call today at 248-430-4980. If you are already enrolled in our dropship program, you can call your shipment requests in, but E-Mail with full details on which product to ship, how many to ship and a full destination name and address are preferred.

Also join our Yahoo Groups dedicated to our POD printing at: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/GOB-POD-Printing/join

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