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The Guild also offers a host of publisher related services in addition to our POD printing. We can offer you graphic design, web design, publishing consulting and custom applications computer programing. We also offer a Dropship program and have Retail and Wholesale programs available for publishers... Read More.


Print-on-Demand Mini Books

A unique service the Guild of Blades Retail Group can offer is to produce Print-on-Demand Mini Books. These books are printed 18 up on 12" x 18" press sheets, then cut down to be bound 3 at a time and then given their final trim. The books are 2.83" x 3.83" and perfect bound. Standard books have 8pt glossy cover stocks and 60lb offset white interior text stock. Text stocks may be upgraded to glossy, but due to their small size, we highly recommend against trying to use a cover stock thicker than 8pt, hence we haven't listed a cover stock upgrade.

Pod Mini Books have a minimum order of 10 sets (18 books per set), but the you can easily mix and match the books within the set. So you could have 18 different mini books, or say 12 of one book and 6 of another, or three copies of 6 different books, etc. Book covers for the POD Mini Books are printed 6 up on a press sheet. POD Mini Books only come perfect bound, so saddle stitching is not an option, and have a minimum page count of 60 pages.

You can place your order today by calling 248-430-4980. You can also join our Yahoo Groups dedicated to our POD printing at: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/GOB-POD-Printing/join

Mini Book Pricing

2.83" x 3.83" Books

B&W Glossy Cover:
Color Glossy Cover:
B&W Page:
Color Page:
Perfect Bound Binding:
Glossy Interior Paper/page:

Sample Pricing:
100 Page, B&W interiors, glossy full color cover, non laminated, Perfect Bound. = $1.05

200 page, B&W interiors, glossy full color cover, non laminated, Perfect Bound. = $1.65



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