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GOB POD, Retail Program

Current Retail Program participants: Login Here

The Guild of Blades Retail Group's Retail Program is fairly simple. We offer to sell your games, fiction and other merchandise through our different sales channels. This would include our e-commerce sites, our B&M retail stores and through our Retailer Dropship program. It may include representation at a limited number of regional conventions and may be expanded into other sales channels in the future.

The Retail Program has largely been crafted to provide additional sales opportunities for our Print-on-Demand clients. When you print your products with us you will have the option to include your products with our Retail Program. When you chose this option, we will print your POD productions as usual and ship them to you or enter them into our dropship program, per your wishes. We will then print additional copies, at our own expense, to merchandise our retail stores. These extra copies of your product cost you nothing. When your product sells, you earn 35% of the suggested retail price.

If you are not a Guild of Blades POD printing client but would still like us to POD print your titles for inclusion in our Retail Program, you can still go ahead and send us your files. Your products will need to conform to our print and layout specs for your given product. We will include your products in the program and pay you 30% of the suggested retail price when it sells.

When you first join the Guild of Blades Retail Group's Retail Program an account will be created for you and your login and password sent to you (you can change your password later). Once created, you will be able to login to your Retail Program account and check on your sales. You will see transaction data including product and date of sale and the venue the sales venue the product sold through. Your earnings will accumulate until any month where your earnings have surpassed $25, at which time you will be issued a payment (via Paypal) by the 15th of the following month. Non Paypal members may still participate in the program though they will have to wait till their earnings have surpassed $100 on any given month, at which time we can issue them a check by the 15th of the following month. Retail Program participants may opt to have earnings from the Retail Program applied to POD Printing services at any time.

What if you have a product that can't be produced via our POD service?

We will be happy to consider products not produced by our Print-on-Demand services on a case by case basis. For said products to be included in the retail program a minimum of 5 copies of a product (and maximum of 15) should be sent to:

Guild of Blades Retail Group
216 John M Ave
Clawson MI 48017, USA

These products will be considered to be "on consignment" with payment as detailed above. The Guild of Blades Retail Group will be responsible for the safe keeping of all products on consignment. You are responsible for shipping consignment inventory to us and for return shipping should you decide to cease participation in the Retail Program. Products entered into the Retail Program on consignment (as opposed to through our POD Printing service) will earn 40% of the suggested retail price on each sale made.

Give us a call at 248-430-4980 to discuss enrolling your products today.

Also join our Yahoo Groups dedicated to our POD printing at: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/GOB-POD-Printing/join

The Guild of Blades Retail Group reserves the right to refuse entry to any product into our Retail Program on a product by product basis.

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